SOC 3660: Punishment and Society - Statutory Law

Research resources for students in SOC 3660: Punishment and Society

What is Statutory Law?

Statutory laws are the laws created by federal and state legislators. When a legislative body (e.g. the U.S. Congress or the Ohio Legislature) passes a bill, it becomes a statute after the executive signs it into law.

Finding Statutory Law at the Federal Level

The U.S. Code is a topical arrangement of all of the federal laws currently in force. 

Finding Ohio Bills and Laws

All states also publish chronological public laws and codified laws. In Ohio, the topical arrangement of laws is called the Ohio Revised Code.

Finding Bills and Laws for Other States

There are several websites below that will help you find bills and laws for specific states. This is not an exhaustive list of resources, but a starting point for your research. 

Sometimes these websites include legislative documents, hearings, committee reports, and analyses.

You can also find the annotated revised codes for specific states in LexisNexis, which will include statutory history for specific sections of the code.