RFPD 4/5070: Global Textiles - Start Here

Issues in Global Textiles Assignment

international flagsThese resources are specifically for the "Going Global" case study for RFPD 4/5070.  

Unless you are very lucky, you will be constructing your case with:

  • company or industry info  from one set of sources (tab #1) 
  • country info from another set of sources (tab #2)  

Then you will combine the data to make an educated projection about your proposed project. 


Try This Database First

(not working) Articles and Books, With Search Boxes

Articles Plus covers a huge range of information.

 It's often useful to start there.   

Then, use ALICE if you need books.

ArticlesPlus searches the contents of more than 200 databases all at the same time. 


ALICE lists the books, videos,  magazines, journals, newspapers, & etc. in OU’s libraries.