RFPD 3830: Product Development, Evaluation, and Distribution - Start Here: WGSN

This guide follows the Product LIne Development Project for this class

It's a Big Project!

OUR Database: WGSN: Worth Global Style Network

WGSN is a visual tour of what's happening in design around the world:  

  • clothing
  • store design
  • accessories
  • home decor  

Also, don't miss Lifestyle and Interiors, a subset of WGSN about Interior Design. 

To save and use images, just right click and copy, then paste into Powerpoint!  Our license allows internal use.  -OR-  

To use WGSN's MY Workspace, go to the LOGIN link at the top right. Create a login, get an access e-mail, then create a password. Once logged in, you can create and manipulate sets of images from WGSN.  See the Help Video for Workspace how-tos.


Going to WGSN.com will not work off campus; you must go through the library's WGSN page to access our subscription. You will login with your Ohio ID. 

WGSN - Some Specific Pieces for This Project

The Design Library and some specific pieces you will need: 

Some WGSN  Report Sections that apply to this project