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The purpose of this guide is to highlight resources in Nursing, and to provide links to Internet resources in the field.


School of Nursing logoThe purpose of this guide is to highlight resources in Nursing, and to provide links to Internet resources in the field.

If you find appropriate material that would be of benefit to others, feel free to contact me, and I will consider including it in this guide.  If you find links that do not work, please let me know.

On this page you'll find the most basic tools for finding information on Nursing:

  • CINAHL — major database for journal articles on Nursing
  • ALICE Catalog  — lists books, videos, and journal titles at Ohio University
  • OhioLINK Catalog  — lists books, videos, and journal titles available from other libraries around the state. Use this when you can't find the book you need at OU.

Finding Nursing Articles in CINAHL

CINAHL (Cumulative Index to Nursing and Allied Health Literature) is the major database for finding articles in nursing and other allied health fields.

Start by entering one or more terms for your topic in the search box below OR connect through the Library to CINAHL's main page.


After you enter your search term(s) in the search box for CINAHL and press the Search CINAHL Plus button, you should see a  screen that looks something like the image on the right. -----> 

The red labels indicate those parts of the Search Results screen that will be most useful in helping you find an article you can use.

The fastest and easiest way to get the full text of an article is to check the Full Text box in the left sidebar. After you do this, you should see links to mainly PDF files in the list of articles.

Be sure to use other parts (AKA filters) of the left sidebar of your search results page to better focus what you find. Such as limiting your results to: Publication Date, Subject: Major Heading, Age, and Gender.


CINAHL Tutorials for more help:

ALICE Catalog

ALICE is the name of Ohio University's Online Library Catalog, a database for locating the books, periodicals (magazines, journals, newspapers), videos and other materials in our collections.  ALICE includes the collections of both the Athens main campus and the regional campuses.



A note about articles: ALICE does NOT include listings for individual articles in magazines, journals or newspaper--only the entire publications. If you have a citation for a journal article and wish to find the article itself, start by doing a Periodical Title search in ALICE for the name of the entire periodical, not the author or title of the article.

OhioLINK Catalog

If we don't have the item you need (or if we do have it but it's not available for some reason), be sure to see if OhioLINK can provide it for you. OhioLINK is a statewide network of around 90 library systems. In most cases, you can quickly and easily borrow books from OhioLINK for free.

If you're using ALICE, you can always click on the Search OhioLINK button button to go there. To do a search right now, you can use the box below:

Search by for: