Scripps Innovation Challenge - Challenge #1: Diabetes Institute at Ohio University

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The focus of this research is on diabetes, but like most health-related issues, diabetes is more complex than just the disease itself. As you do your research, you will likely want to expand your research to include issues like:

  • treatment
  • complications
  • precipitating factors like access to health care and fresh foods 

You may also want to look at examples of previous public health campaigns to see what has made them successful. Even if those campaigns aren't specific to diabetes, lesson can be drawn from them about what works in raising awareness of health issues, especially if your audience has limited access to technology. 

Given that you are focusing on the Appalachian region, you will often want to keep this term in your search. But remember that sometimes information -- especially in research articles -- will be highly specific. So you might expand your search to include mention of specific cities or states that fall into the region. You can search for these all at once by using Boolean logic ORs. 

For example:

(Appalach* OR Ohio OR Kentucky OR West Virginia) 

will bring back results mentioning Applachia or Appalachian or that mention any of the specific states you've listed.