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Brief description of Alden Library's resources, plus a few online starting points

Top Genealogy Sites for 2015

The online Genealogy in Time Magazine has compiled a useful and interesting list of the top 100 genealogy sites for 2016. The article includes an interesting analysis of the consolidation of many of the top genealogy sites into ownership by just a few companies, i.e., Ancestry, MyHeritage, and FindMyPast.

Genealogy in Time also publishes a very useful listing of genealogy records newly added to databases and collections. It's updated weekly.

Start Here

This Guide is written with two goals in mind: 

  1. to provide a few links for online genealogical research
  2. to describe the genealogy-related collections of the Ohio University Libraries

It is by no means a comprehensive guide. Sites like Cyndi's List or Olive Tree Genealogy (see below) are far more comprehensive than anything I could possibly do. This Guide is a starting point. Nothing more, nothing less.

There are now many thousands of Internet sites devoted to genealogy in some manner. Here is a handful of places to begin your search.

Encyclopedia of Genealogy

The Encyclopedia of Genealogy serves as a compendium of genealogical tools and techniques. It provides reference information about everything in genealogy except people. It is NOT the place to search for people. Instead, it "serves as a clearinghouse of genealogy techniques: where to find records, how to organize the data found, what the terminology means, and how to plan your next research effort." It is a service of Eastman's Online Genealogy Newsletter.