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Basic starting guide for English 1510 English Composition courses.

Find research articles on your topic

What are research articles (aka scholarly or peer reviewed articles)? 

  1. Experts (including professors) conduct research on their topic of interest and report on results in research journals. 
  2. The articles go through a process of stringent review known as "peer review" where other experts read the article and decide whether it gets published. 
  3. Most research articles will have a review of previous research on the topic, a presentation of the methods and data for their research and a bibliography.
  4. The library at North Carolina State University has a great page showing what a scholarly research article looks like

Finding research articles

  1. Search for your topic in Articles Plus and use the check box on the left side of the page to Scholarly (Peer Reviewed) Journals
  2. Once you see an article you like, click on the title to see all of the information about it, including author, name of the journal and an abstract or summary of the article's contents. 
  3. To read the article, look for a link that says Full Text or Find It! with (LinkSource).
  4. If you can't find the full text, ask a librarian. We can usually track down a copy or help you place a request for it through InterLibrary Loan

ArticlesPlus - Great Place to Start looking for articles

How to use this guide

Welcome to Alden Library! This guide is designed for Eng 1510 classes to give you a basic introduction to the information services and resources available to you as a new OU student, and to guide you in learning how to find academic books and articles for research in Eng 1510, in your major and beyond.

Below are some fun, yet informative videos about the basics of library services, just to get you in the mood to research!

Search Tip Sheet

English 1510 communal keyword sheet (bit.ly/1510keyword)