RFPD 1600: Color Theory - Fashion History Start Here

To aide students of Trina Gannon's 1600 class for Fall, 2014

Decades References

These are encylopedia-type books that overlook a time period, showing fashion, pop culture, political influences, important dates, etc. Interesting, browseable, and lots of fun. Here are few examples. Some are in the Reference section on Alden 2, in the E169-E174 area,  and some are online. 

3 Online Reference Books, Plus A Big Search

Vogue Archive: Good for Fashion Eras

Link out Here to the Costume History Subject Guide

Articles and Books, With Search Boxes

Articles Plus covers a huge range of information.

 It's often useful to start there.   

Then, use ALICE if you need books.

ArticlesPlus searches the contents of more than 200 databases all at the same time. 


ALICE lists the books, videos,  magazines, journals, newspapers, & etc. in OU’s libraries.

Costume History Text on Reserve