Social Work - II. Interview Information

This is a Social Work research guide. It offers a variety of information to help you with your research needs

Interview Information

Questions to Consider:

  1. Who is your interviewee- history/background, where did they live, etc.?
  2. What was it like for your interviewee when they were using/needing the program?
  3. What are some key life events leading to the need of the program?
  4. What was happening around your interviewee at the time?

In Other Words:

  1. Tell me a story. Describe your interviewee as you are painting a character. Show the reader this persons experience and how it leads to the use the program/policy.
  2. You should also be giving context of what was happening around your character. When was it and what was happening?


  • America's Newspapers - find information from other 2,000 newspapers including by state. 
  • Alice Catalog - searching for books and government reports on your law/problem
    • ex. Search keywords in any field: Food stamps OR SNAP
  • CQ Researcher - basically this is a more legitimate version of Wikipedia and a good place to look for background information on topics/problems.

Interviewing & Qualitative Research Resources