HC 4500: Cutler Scholars: Seminar Topics - What Makes Us Human

Links for Things Mentioned in the Book, The Most Human Human

Artificial Intelligence; the Turing Test

We have The Imitation Game in the OU Library.  

And the book that inspired the movie:   

Alan Turing: The Engima by Andrew Hodges  

Plus there are several other biographies in the library on Turing.


Also, everyone is talking about the film EX Machina, and how realistic it might be. 

Here's a list of the 10 best AI movies of all time, which mentions most of the ones I thought about.  









                                                                                                                  And this, for chuckles: http://i.imgur.com/N9ihj8V.jpg 

The Originist


If I do this search in ArticlesPlus, I get only 27 hits

             artificial intelligence AND human* 

(So it's fun to think of an algorithm bringing me things about AI. )

If I search,

                     What makes us human

I get a more interesting set of over 15,000 hits... and discover the field of "philosophical anthropology."


And I am chuckling a little because I do get asked on the library chat help service if I am a human being.  I thought that was just a playful question, but maybe people really are wondering.... How should I prove I'm human? 

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